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Here, I review the Total War games I have played, and show you which Total War games to play, and not to play.

Total War: Warhammer


During the first announcement of Total War: Warhammer, I was extremely skeptical of the game, knowing Creative Assembly's recent track record of failures like Rome II and Atilla TW. I never really paid attention during the release of this game since I thought Creative Assembly had finally run out of ideas and decided to just make money off of the Warhammer Fantasy series. About a year after release, the game went on sale for pretty cheap and I decided to pick it up, only to find it to be one of the best modern TW games. The optimization is perfect, my computer can run the game at settings pretty well for a modern AAA game, and the graphics only medium are beautiful, along with graphics in maximum, which should be self explanatory. The campaign is extremely fun with up to 6 unique races and 7 unique game mechanics. Unlike other Total War games where campaign is just painting the map your color, it is heavily event and story driven, but I cannot reveal much without spoilers, but events definitely always keeps you engaged. One problem I have with the campaign is that the ai is often too timid and cautious. The enemy almost never captures more than a few provinces, even against the player. What makes this even more ridiculous is that some races, especially like chaos, sometimes raid the province only without taking it, allowing you to quickly rebuild and counterattack. Now to the highlight of the game: battles. The battles are extremely fun with the game introducting a ton of race exclusive units such as dragons, steamtanks, and even dwarven helicopters. What I also love about battles is that instead of your leader being attached to a staff of bodyguards, it is now a single unit and moves alone. This helps make the leader more unique comapred to other units in the battlefield and also allows them to move around quicker, compared to earlier Total War games where a general moved as a unit. Mages and wizards have also been added as more of a support unit, but still very flexible and important, often being able to tip the balance with a well casted spell at the right time.