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Battle Tips

Total War Warhammer/2

For this part of the guide, these tactics will mainly be used in the context of Warhammer 1 and 2. However, I will only be focusing on human nations for now since this tactic can also apply to most of the historical Total War (besides some of the gunpowder era ones, of course).

Army Composition

Although there are plenty of army compositions for human factions alone, the different armies are extremely specialized and are not recommended for new players. The army composition I am showing you is the default balanced army build, although you can variate it of course to find your preferred style of combat and later make your own army composition. First off, your army should consist of mostly infantry as like most conventional armies, with ranged units to provide support to your infantry and harass the enemy. Next, you should put all cavalry. Some people prefer having some artillery pieces, but I mostly only use 1 in most battles. Artillery is a good weapon at times, being able to rout an entire army if used correctly. However, on average, it is not effective as having a large cavalry force in your army. For cavalry, I mainly use heavy cavalry since I don't see a use for light cavalry or ranged cavalry, however you may find it to be useful, depending on your playstyle. For infantry, You should have the larger portion be swordsmen for charging while the smaller one consisting of spearmen to protect your flanks from cavalry and even a few halberdiers to be your elite reserves. You can use mainly spear armies, but they tend to be a little too slow at times, even for me, and they lack the charge bonus swordsmen have, so the enemy would be able to force you to charge or die slowly by their missile units.

This is an army composition similar to what I use, save for the 4 artillery units.