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This is the Total War Hub, where I will review Total War games and suggest you which Total War games you should get, including essential mods, and tips for people deciding to get into the Total War series to make their first playthrough a fun and memorable experience!

What is Total War?

According to the steam store page, Total War is a real-time strategy strategic game. Although those tags may make you think it's a strategy RTS like Starcraft or Age of Empires. However, Total War is a much more tactical game. In Starcraft, you would have to stimultaneously pump out your troops from buildings and hope they can defeat the enemy. Although there is a little strategy and tactics in these kinds of games, they are often overlooked by most players and mostly comes down to who has more troops or quality. However, in the Total War series, battles depend much more on good planning, execution, and even improvisation in times when your plan does not work. In a battle, you already have an army (or multiple) against an enemy army. There are no buildings, no upgrades, or replenishing of troops on the battlefield. Beofre the battle commences, there is a deployment phase where you can position your troops in a limited boundary (although there are some skirmishing units that can be placed outside the boundary box, but not inside the enemy's boundary).Once you are done, the battle finally begins. The battle is completely real time and is not turn based. Although this is commanding your troops in real time and duking it out, in especially big battles, this would be a huge problem if you are not careful and are not aware of your entire army. For example, if you focus on a single attack only, the enemy might use this advantage and flank around the other side of your army, which can end the battle unless you somehow reposition quickly. If you are new, all of this may be overwhelming for you, but don't worry, we have a "Battle Tips" section where I will show you the basics of battles and a few tactics.